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Download the soccer training app like no other. We have created a resource like no other that combines soccer drills for kids with ball mastery skills they can do at home. This is great for parents and coaches to help their kids get better.
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TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

"I loved this app. It is perfect for my U5 soccer team. I am a new parent coach and this has been such a great resource for me"

Kevin D.

Soccer Drills for Kids

Studies have shown that learning ball mastery at early ages will greatly increase your ability as you get older. Download the app that has the best soccer drills for kids.

The soccer training app

Giving Back to the Beautiful Game

Sports is a way to develop self confidence, leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and community. We donate 5% of our profits to local and global football communities to help provide more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful game.


Don't just take our word. Here's what others are saying about the TAKA FC app.

TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

"This has given me a chance to really work on my weak foot. I didn't realize how bad my left foot was, but the repetition in this app has made it better."

Sarah H.

TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

"I can't believe the workout I get with this app. The high intensity workouts have me doing so many things that I am exhausted in the end. Love it!"

Jacob B.

Take your youth soccer training with you

Workout. Anywhere.

Whether you are at home or on the road, the TAKA FC app can easily go with you. Bring it to a practice or train on your own.

TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

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