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Bringing together the Beautiful Game with a mission for change. We built an app that combines creative technical skills with high intensity interval training. Learn more about TAKA FC, HIIT Soccer Training App.

TAKA FC HIIT Soccer Training App

Providing Opportunity

After working with athletes in communities from around the world, we recognized that many of them do not have the same resources as others. They are missing out on coaching and training to help them stay in shape and work on their skills.  In the United States the "pay to play" sports model acts as a barrier for many inner city, low income, refugee and immigrant communities.  Our goal was to develop an app that any aspiring athlete could use and give them the skillset to play a sport that they love.

Karen FA

We are honored to partner with the Karen Football Association, and its National Teams. Some of the proceeds from the TAKA FC App goes towards this organization and their mission to provide more opportunities for kids and athletes in the Karen refugee community.

Supporting COmmunities

Equity for All

The Karen FA places an importance on promoting gender equity through sport. We proudly support their efforts by donating 10% of our profits to their incredible organization.


Giving Back to the Beautiful Game

Sports is a way to develop self confidence, leadership, teamwork, work ethic, and community. We donate 10% of our profits to local and global football communities to help provide more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful game.

TAKA FC HIIT Soccer Training App

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TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

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