Youth Soccer Training Workouts

We have come up with a unique series of youth soccer training workouts and ball mastery skills for kids, parents and coaches. See come of the samples below.

TAKA FC Youth Soccer Training Workouts

Starting ball mastery at an early age.

Youth soccer training has many different phases. The first, and maybe the most important, is ball mastery. Starting this at the youngest ages is vital to the development of players. Kids should be comfortable with the ball and developing the necessary skills that will help them later in their journey. We have developed a program for kids, parents and coaches that makes learning the game of soccer incredibly fun.

Soccer Drills for Kids

Workout. Anywhere.

The training you can do anywhere. Our app is great for families to take with them or coaches to bring on the go. Try out the app today!


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"Our kids absolutely love the app! We stream it to the TV and they have a great time learning the skills. It is incredible to see how much more comfortable they are with the ball."

Jenny G.

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TAKA FC High Intensity Soccer Training App

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